Relocating a Business

Relocating your business is a big decision. There are several factors that go into the decision. Some of key questions that need to be addressed are:
  1. Is there a site or building that meets your needs?
  2. Are there any zoning or local ordinances that will impact your business?
  3. Is there an available workforce that meets your needs?
  4. Are there workforce programs that can train your new employees?
  5. What is the cost of doing business in that area?
  6. Is the area business friendly?
  7. What are your utility costs?
  8. Is the infrastructure in place to support your business such as transportation, broadband, natural gas and public utilities?
  9. Are there incentives to help your business?
  10. Is there a key local individual or team that can help you through the process of moving?
Let the City’s Office of Community & Economic Development (CED) and our partners answer each of these questions and any other questions you may
have when considering a place to relocate your business. Please contact the City’s Office of Community & Economic Development (CED) Director Jim
Spencer at (304)327-2401 Ext. 2405 or email at